Women in Football’s #GetOnside campaign is a rallying cry to be on the side of change when it comes to gender equality in football. We’re proud to join other organisations and individuals across football in committing to take action to improve the landscape for women and girls in the game.

So what is our pledge?

We pledge to open our channels one Friday every month this season, to fellow women’s football content creators in the UK, who would like to showcase their work to the women’s footballing community; including but not limited to podcasts, imagery, graphics, written work and more.

We are lucky enough to have a great base of followers who are dedicated fans of the women’s game and will no doubt be excited to see more work from people across the footballing landscape.



If you would like to feature you will need to DM us directly. We will look to do this on the last Friday of every month, and will therefore need to pick the applicant on the Monday before to ensure we line up content for the following Friday.

We’re keen to help showcase small or single person outlets in particular. The decision will be made by Rachel and Sophie from GirlsontheBall.

NB: We will work with applicants to curate content for our platforms and we will be responsible for posting across our channels.

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