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Thoughts on recent events in English women’s football

We’ve been keeping our counsel on everything that has happened with England over the last three weeks. We still have so many questions and not many answers. As a result we have found it hard to form full opinions until we know all the facts . One thing we do know is we desperately need […]

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Lionesses: An emotional rollercoaster in Holland

The emotions of football are extreme! One day you can be enjoying the greatest high the next you’re hitting the lowest of lows. It is this vicious circle that makes the sport as addictive as it is and so enjoyable to watch. A microcosm of this happened to England and their fans last week. On […]

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Pride of Lionesses – A Euro 2017 Preview

Just over a week from now, the game that we have all been waiting for is here. Ever since the draw was made back in November, England’s opening game of the European Championships on the 19th July has been eagerly anticipated. The fact that it is against Scotland only adds to the drama. Here we […]

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2017: A women’s football-filled year

A new year inevitably brings a new football calendar to look forward to. And what a busy 2017 we have ahead! With 12 months packed full of domestic and international action, we’re betting we’re not the only ones who can’t wait to see it get underway. With so much going on, we have picked out our top […]

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2016 Review: FAWSL 2 comes into it own

As the clock struck 4 on the afternoon of Sunday 6 November, the 2016 FAWSL 2 season drew to a close. It has been an enjoyable time to watch and cover the second division. One could argue that, over the course of the year, it has in act provided significantly more entertainment than FAWSL 1. […]

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South West duo earn FAWSL 1 status

It’s been a fascinating promotion battle in the FAWSL 2 that came to a nail-biting conclusion on the penultimate weekend of the season. Bristol and Yeovil both secured their path into top-flight football but there was a fair bit of drama along the way. Now all to be decided is where the title will end […]

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Weighing up a winter FAWSL

This afternoon has seen the announcement that the FAWSL will transform into a winter league. After six seasons of summer football, the Football Association has decided on a move that will align the two top leagues with the FAWPL and the rest of the women’s football pyramid. This presents a massive change for the women’s […]

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