22nd July: vs Millwall Lionesses (14.00; Fisher FC)

29th July: vs Everton (behind closed doors)

5th August: vs Juventus (14.00; Boreham Wood)

10th August: vs Montpellier (19.30; Toulouse)

12th August: vs PSG (14.30; Toulouse)

Birmingham City

5th August: vs Leicester City WFC (14.00; Away)

Brighton & Hove Albion

22nd July: vs Aston Villa (15.00; Boldmere St. Michael’s FC)

Bristol City


2nd August: vs Montpellier (Away)

5th August: vs Barcelona (Away)

8th August: vs Juventus (Home)


14th July: vs Aston Villa (behind closed doors)

22nd July: vs Liverpool (14.00; Marine FC)

29th July: vs Arsenal (behind closed doors)

5th-13th August: Friendship Competition (Gibraltar)


29th July: vs London Bees (14.00; Bisham Abbey)


15th July: vs Manchester United (behind closed doors)

24th July: vs Everton (14.00 Marine FC)

1st August: vs SGS Essen (Away)

5th August: vs Bayern Munich (Away)

12th August: vs Durham (Home)

Manchester City

26th July: vs Lyon (Miami)

29th July: International Champions Cup Final Day; Miami

12 August: vs Barcelona (18.30; Academy Stadium)

West Ham United

22nd July: vs London Bees (14.00; The Hive)

29th July: vs Manchester United (14.00; Nottingham University)

5th August: vs Charlton Athletic (14.00; Oakwood VCD Athletic)

12th August: vs Lewes (14.00; The Dripping Pan)

Yeovil Town


Aston Villa

8th July: 1-2 Combined Services

14th July: vs Everton (behind closed doors)

22nd July: vs Brighton & Hove Albion (15.00; Boldmere St. Michael’s FC)

29th July: vs Stoke City (14.00)

5th August: vs West Brom (15.00; Boldmere St. Michael’s FC)

12th August: vs Blackburn Rovers (14.00)

Charlton Athletic

5th August: vs West Ham United (14.00; Oakwood VCD Athletic)

Crystal Palace


17th July: vs Newcastle United (19.30; New Ferens)

20th July: vs Sheffield United (19.30; New Ferens)

27th July: vs Spartans (19.30; Away)

29th July: vs Rangers (14.00; Away)

5th August: vs Huddersfield (13.00; New Ferens)

12th August: vs Liverpool (14.00; Away)

Leicester City WFC

15th July: vs Sheffield United (14.00; Away)

22nd July: vs Watford (14.00; Home)

29th July: vs MK Dons (14.00 Home)

5th August: vs Birmingham City Selected XI (14.00; Home)

12th August: vs Stoke City (14.00; Home)


15th July: vs Cambridge United (14.00; Dripping Pan)

18th July: vs Eastbourne Town (20.00; Dripping Pan)

29th July: vs Watford (14.00; Dripping Pan)

5th August: vs Chichester City (14.00; Dripping Pan)

12th August: vs West Ham United (14.00; Dripping Pan)

London Bees

8th July: 5-1 vs Oxford United

15th July: vs C&K Basildon (14.00; The Hive)

18th July: vs Chelsea Development (19.30; The Hive)

22nd July: vs West Ham United (14.00; The Hive)

29th July vs Reading (14.00; Bisham Abbey)

5th August vs Portsmouth FC (14.00; The Hive)

12th August: vs Watford (14.00; The Hive)

Manchester United

15th July: vs Liverpool (behind closed doors)

29th July: vs West Ham United (14.00; Nottingham University)

Millwall Lionesses

15th July: vs Coventry United (Away)

22nd July: vs Arsenal (14.00; Fisher FC)

29th July: vs Oxford United (14.00; Fisher FC)

Sheffield United

15th July: vs Leicester City WFC (14.00; SUFC Academy)

20th July: vs Durham (19.30; New Ferens)

22nd July: vs Newcastle United (14.00; New Ferens)

29th July: vs Nottingham Forest (14.00; SUFC Academy)

5th August: vs Derby County (14.00; SUFC Academy

8th August: vs Liverpool (19.30; SUFC Academy)

12th August: vs Middlesbrough (14.00; SUFC Academy)

Tottenham Hotspur

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